Celebration of Life Memorial Videos

Standard Video
(stock music, less than 40 pictures)

Expanded Video
(additional pictures, personalized music)

We will use your collection of pictures (paper or digital), home video (DVD or VHS), newspaper clippings, scrapbook items and any other sentimental items you provide to create a video to show during the visitation.

We artistically blend these memories creating motion within each individual picture to tell the story of the life of your loved one. The position and movement of each picture is directed by a professional, based on the content of the picture. We do not use templates.

We custom design and print DVDs and DVD covers. All of our designs are fully personalized. Your video on the DVD will be looped to play continuously at the visitation.

We will work with you to minimize the time and effort required to gather everything together in a timely fashion.

Our state of the art equipment, experience and creative talent are just a few of the reasons why you can trust us to create this lasting memory.